gamescom 2016 License Day First-Class Program Finalized

gamescom 2016 License Day First-Class Program Finalized

gamescom, August 17-21, 2016, is presenting the gamescom license day for the second time. Apart from the new event format ‘Publishers Pitch,’ which gamescom is jointly organizing with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the conference format with top international speakers forms the centerpiece of the gamescom license days this year.

The gamescom license day offers license managers and experts from all over the world a platform at gamescom where they can inform themselves, exchange ideas and network about the latest developments in the IP and license section. This year the event is offering a host of first-class keynotes by international speakers and for the first time the newly introduced Publishers Pitch.

The gamescom license day kicks off with four keynotes on various themes from the license and IP section at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 17 August, in the Offenbachsaal of Congress Centre East at the Cologne fair grounds. The first keynote is by Matthias Mierau and Anne van Straelen from Winning Moves, one of the largest license holders in the world for board and card games.

Followed by Marc Beaudet from the Montreal-based production agency, Turbulent, who will report about his experiences managing the Star Citizen Crowdfunding campaign. A further major highlight is the lecture by Tung Nguyen, CEO of the leading global games portal group for casual games, Spil Games. The lectures will be brought to a close with the keynote by Margareta Steinsvik, Vice President of the Swedish company, Bulls Press. After the talks, the participants will have the opportunity to meet up with the speakers.

This year, the “Publishers Pitch” workshop focuses on a cooperation between gamescom and the Frankfurt Book Fair on the theme ‘The potential of books as strong licenses for games and digital media’. During the Publishers Pitch, five companies from the book section will present their projects and ideas, which in the ideal case could be developed into new computer games, to the international games industry. After the presentations, the participants of the event will have the opportunity to hold initial discussions with the book publishers regarding possible cooperations.

The German publishing companies Aufbau (The Secret of the Templars), Droemer Knaur (Hamburg Rain 2084), Carlsen (The School of Magical Animals), the British educational platform The Flitwits as well as the Belgian comic publishers Le Lombard (Klaw) were already successful with their projects and will present their titles that display games potential in the scope of the gamescom license day.

The themes range from the history of the Templars, to a dystopia about Hamburg in the year 2084 and a graphic manga-style novel, through to imaginative learning offers for children.

It is still possible to register for the license day free of charge up until 16 August here:

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