gamescom 2015: Relics of Gods New Screenshots and Video

gamescom 2015: Relics of Gods New Screenshots and Video

Developer Seasun Games, China’s top developer for western gamers, has featured a new video and screenshots for Relics of Gods during gamescom 2015.

Relics of Gods is a 3-v-3, Player vs Player (PvP), turn-based strategy MOBA for mobile. In the game, each player will choose a hero from dozens of available options. Each three-player team makes their choices to form a deadly combination of abilities. Working together, they will use a series of unique attacks, skills, and divine blessings to defeat their foes. Featuring world-class development resources and content, Relics of Gods looks to elevate mobile multiplayer gaming to a new level.


  • Epic Mobile Multiplayer: Unique turn-based strategy MOBA gameplay has players forming powerful teams of three to face off in battles for domination, using classes and spells to counter one another; winners are determined by the use of effective teamwork and devious strategy.
  • Dozens of Heroes: At launch, Relics of Gods will release with more than 30 heroes for players to choose from, each with unique spells and abilities. Post-launch, Seasun Games will continue to add even more options, bringing the number of available heroes to more than 50.
  • Teamwork and Communication: Players must work together, utilizing the game’s voice communication system, to develop surprising and powerful combinations of attacks and spells.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Relics of Gods includes four major game modes:
    • PvP Matching: play against real world foes in online competitions; decide between PvE, Rank and Gold modes
    • Story Mode: Explore the lore of the lost Gods and adventure through a fantastical world
    • Epic: Play through major events in the story’s history, and enjoy a cinematic gameplay experience
    • Practice: Take your battles offline and hone your skills for your next PvP match
  • World-Class Production Team: With art direction headed by James Zhang, whose credits include World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans, and music, SFX and voice over directed and produced by Mark Griskey, known for his incredible work on Marvel Heroes and Star Wars Old Republic, Relics of Gods delivers the highest quality entertainment on mobile.
  • Superior Technology and Content: Seasun’s incredible investment in Relics of Gods includes the best talent and resources the industry has to offer, including graphics by Unreal Engine, and audio recorded at world-renowned Skywalker Sound.
  • Designed and optimized for Mobile devices: The gameplay experience was developed from the ground up specifically for the mobile platform – from turn-based action and short-session play modes to touch-screen design, Relics of Gods redefines expectations for the MOBA genre.

Here are several new screenshots:

And, here is the official gamescom 2015 Relics of Gods video:

Relics of Gods is anticipated to launch in the App Store and on Google Play later this year and will be rolling out in some European markets soon after the North American launch.

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