gamescom 2015 New and Exclusive Family & Friends

gamescom 2015 New and Exclusive Family & Friends

  • Special area with exclusive offers especially for families
  • Atmosphere suitable for families with well-being character
  • family & friends gaming zone spanning 500 square meters

In more and more families, playing computer and video games together has long since become part of everyday life. According to a survey by the Association for Consumer Research (GfK) from the year 2014, which was commissioned by the BIU – the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software – almost every second family plays regularly. gamescom, as the world’s largest event for interactive entertainment, is doing justice to this development with an offer compiled especially for families. Thus, this year for the first time ever there is going to be special zone called “family & friends” in Hall 10.2 for families with children aged between 6 and 12. Thanks to a family-oriented ambiance, rest zones, ample seating options, contents and catering offers that are especially aligned for parents and children, but also numerous attractions for children, family & friends invites both young and old to spend time here and make new discoveries.

The family & friends area gives families the opportunity to experience gamescom within the entertainment area carefree in a family-oriented environment. The family & friends even already differs in appearance from the other halls of gamescom: Quieter tones, a colorful design, carpeted floors, lounge and catering zones with special offers for families ensure a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxed stay. Important elements include gaming stations suitable for children and events that can be watched together or in which the visitors can join in. In the family & friends gaming zone, the parents and children have the opportunity to try out numerous new computer and video games. Furthermore, the gaming card that every child receives at the entrance of the family & friends gaming zone serves as a playful introduction. Four or five questions on individual games and characters have to be completed, whereby the answers are found in the gaming zone area. So, fun and games are guaranteed. Thanks to the presence of institutions like the Self-regulatory Institution for Youth Protection in the field of Computer and Video Games, the USK (Entertainment Software Self-Regulation), information on media competence in families and the communication thereof is additionally offered.

The visitors can also look forward to popular supporting program items such as Headis, i.e., table tennis using one’s head or the special exhibition retro gaming in the family & friends area. Clubs, retro projects and private collectors will be presenting the history of computer games here. Dozens of games consoles, home computers, handhelds and slot machines spanning four decades will bring the development of digital leisure to life in the retro gaming special exhibition. And the culinary needs of the gamescom visitors are well cared for thanks to the generously sized Food Court in Hall 10.2.

Admission and tickets A quota of family tickets is being offered exclusively for families. It targets parents and their children aged between 7 and 11 years (valid for a maximum of five people, no more than two of them adults). The family tickets are exclusively offered during the presales phase and only as long as stocks last. Interested parties can purchase this admission ticket in the form of vouchers exclusively via KölnTicket, they are not available from the gamescom online ticket shop. The tickets are issued at gamescom after the family composition has been checked. To allow direct access to the family & friends hall, we recommend families to use the Entrance South. The family & friends area in Hall 10.2 is connected to the further entertainment halls (5 to 10).

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Source: Press Release