GamerU Launches Destination for Video Game Tips and Tutorial Videos

GamerU is a destination for gamers to find high-quality tips and tutorial videos for their favorite games, all organized into simple-to-find, short segments to get them the help they need quickly. Players save time searching for hints and get back to playing the games they love. Along with helpful videos, GamerU provides players with recommendations on new games to discover and enjoy.

GamerU Features:

Gamer Tips – Sometimes gamers need a little help getting past a level or gaining rank, and this is where GamerU steps in with professional videos that share hints on how to beat those difficult levels, as well as skill tips to help players become standouts during battle. All videos are easily searchable, allowing gamers to find everything they need in one simple location.

Game Discovery – With thousands of games to choose from it can be difficult for gamers to find their next favorite title. GamerU helps wade through the sea of games by utilizing its powerful recommendation engine to share similar titles based on the types of videos a player is watching.

Free Promotion for Developers and Publishers – Many indie developers don’t have a budget for marketing, which makes it tough to get their titles in front of potential players. GamerU helps eliminate this barrier by providing free promotion for a developer’s games. Developers simply partner with and add their game onto GamerU and the GamerU team then creates original videos and promotes them all for no cost.

SEO Help for Games – GamerU has a veteran team of SEO experts to maximize reach for videos, making it easier for gamers to find tips and tricks for their favorite games. All this is done at no cost for the developers and publishers.

Localization – Tutorials are only useful when players understand what’s being said and most often hint videos are in one language. GamerU localizes videos into English, Spanish, German, and French, making it easy for millions of gamers to get the help they need.

Hints a Touch Away – Not only does GamerU have a dedicated site filled with tips, but it also has a mobile app that makes it quick and easy for gamers to find hints wherever they may be without having to do a robust browser search.

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Source: Press Release and Official Website