GAME WITH New Multiplayer Matchmaking Service Launches

GAME WITH New Multiplayer Matchmaking Service Launches

Have you ever struggled to find people to enjoy online multiplayer with? Whether you’re talking cooperative or competitive, online multiplayer has never been bigger. Sometimes it’s tough to find people who want to play the way you do. Game With brings together like-minded players, and allows them to play their way, together.

Game With allows players to create sessions for their selected game, explain when, where and how they want to play, and ultimately find their perfect teammates. Game With makes online play better.

Looking to take down the AT-AT walkers in STAR WARS Battlefront? Want to tackle the weekly strike in Destiny? Or do you just need one more person to help claim a co-op trophy in Halo 5?

Use Game With to set up your session, and have only the people looking to play the same way join you.

Some of the biggest games of 2015 feature a heavy reliance on online multiplayer; STAR WARS Battlefront, Metal Gear Online and Destiny The Taken King to name a few. Even for older titles with a smaller user base, Game With can become the place to arrange gaming sessions long after a game would normally be gathering dust.

GAME WITH New Multiplayer Matchmaking Service Launches

Gamers can sign up and create sessions here and users are encouraged to leave feedback on the service – following the ‘always in Beta’ model, Game With will evolve and change over time to truly make online play better. Developers who service a community on any platform are also encouraged to try out the service and see just how it could benefit their community.

About Game With

Game With is the first project to be brought to market by the newly founded DSJ Media. The company was set up to create innovative new services to benefit users. DSJ Media includes Dean Smith and Joe Dale who between them have 10 years of experience in the games industry across companies including The PC Games Network, Eurogamer, Xbox and nDreams. Dean and Joe are backed up by a design and code team who have worked with high profile clients such as PepsiCo, Tropicana, Vodafone and Nokia.

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