Game of Dice Holiday Update Details

Game of Dice Holiday Update Details

Seoul, South Korea – December 21st, 2015 –  Joycity’s mobile game, Game of Dice has exceeded 4 million downloads and was a Top 5 most downloaded game in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. To celebrate, Joycity is unloading a sleigh full of free updates for players.  Along with a holiday event for all players, Joycity has also added a brand new Christmas-themed map and a cornucopia of new features.

Game of Dice new features:

  • Special Christmas In-Game Event
  • New Christmas map
  • New ‘Craft’ menu – Craft various items with Characters, Skill Cards, and Instant Entry Tickets
  • New Guild Match feature – Get rewards and raise Guild rankings by participating on Guild Match every weekend (Users can play matches against other guilds)
  • Enhance Dice to ★6! (Golden/Siren/ Magical Dice) – Enhancing Dice to ★6 will unlock 4 new abilities
  • MAX Character Grade Extended (5-Star Diamond Grade) – Characters can evolve beyond 5-Star Platinum Grade
  • New Skill Cards added
  • Hologram Sticker system for Skill Cards
  • New luxury shop open and VIP benefits upgraded – Users can buy special event skill cards from the luxury shop using luxury points, which can be earned by drawing or combining skill cards

Game of Dice Holiday Update Details

About Game of Dice:

Game of Dice is a fun single or multi-player game where players take turns throwing the dice to maneuver around a multi-tiled board.  Each landing space is a city or other type of real estate that the player purchases upon arrival. And just as in real life, the person with the most real estate is the most powerful player on the board (isn’t that right, Donald?). Each lap you complete around the board drives up the value of the land you own. Your ultimate goal is to collect tolls from your competitors that land on your property and drive them all into bankruptcy.

It’s like Monopoly, but with some unusual twists. Game of Dice features 65 different ability skill cards that players can use to turn the tide of the game in their favor. Different characters and dice can be purchased that have varying abilities.

You can download Game of Dice on:

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