Fringe Wars Screenshots Teased by Oasis Games

Fringe Wars Screenshots Teased by Oasis Games

Oasis Games, Award-Winning Developer and Publisher of hit titles like Tiger Knight and Naruto Online, is proud to showcase screenshots from their new space-age MOBA Fringe Wars.

These screenshots demonstrate the gripping combat of the game and the arsenals you would expect when taking on mercenaries of the galaxy. Explosions, lasers, and all the beautiful chaos at your fingertips when you step into the pilot seat of the various ships at your disposal.

Fringe Wars takes the scope of space action games with the excitement and gameplay elements of the best MOBAs. Rather than just face the obligatory fantasy of MOBAs you’ve played over and over again, Fringe Wars brings you to the stars to fight for wealth and resources to upgrade and customize your ship.

Here are the new Fringe Wars screenshots:

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Fringe Wars will be released on Steam’s Early Access the fourth quarter of this year.

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