Free-to-Play MOBA Dragons & Titans Removes Microtransactions

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, Indie developer Wyrmbyte announced that it has changed the business model for free-to-play MOBA Dragons & Titans.

Play for Free or Buy All Content for a Low, One-Time Price

Austin, TX — September 10, 2014 — Indie developer Wyrmbyte today announced that it has changed the business model for its free-to-play MOBA, Dragons & Titans, by removing all microtransactions in the game, so that the game is truly skill-based and can not be confused as pay-to-win.  This announcement comes hot on the heels of several huge game improvements that were implemented recently including a more user friendly control scheme, reduced match waiting times, improved maps, and tons of balance changes.

Dragons and Titans Gaming Cypher

In an attempt to lure older players back and to get more new people playing and competing in the game, Wyrmbyte also launched a value pack of all current in-game content called the Titan Pass, the value of which is over $650 worth of goods (if purchased in the old microtransaction model) for just $19.99 . The Titan Pass, includes: 35+ tier 1 dragons, 35+ weapons, 18 different avatars, 57 skins, all four single-player story ‘Acts’ and more, as well as all the new content regularly scheduled for a full year. Additionally for 1 year, Titan Pass owners will earn four times the number of crystals (in-game currency) per match, which will allow them to upgrade their dragons and weapons at an increased pace. The Titan Pass will be available for sale from September 9th for $19.99/£14.99/€ 19.99 respectively and a newly released trailer summarizes all the content players will get.

Take a look at the ‘We Are Dragons’ Trailer below:

A free version of Dragons and Titans is still available where players can get access to dragons through a rotating selection of 1st tiers dragons and weapons.  This version of the game also has no microtransactions, and progression relies on playing and earning in-game crystals which they can use towards getting higher tiered dragons and weapons – similar to Titan Pass owners.  However, they will not have access to all the avatars, skins and the single player campaigns, Acts 2, 3, and 4, all of which is exclusive content for Titan Pass owners.

“The community has spoken, and we want to make our players happy. So we’ve dropped the microtransaction model completely to turnDragons & Titans into a truly free-to-play game where in-game progression is based purely on skill and not on how much money people pay”, said Scott Brown, President of Wyrmbyte. “By making what may seem to be a drastic move, we are actually trying to battle the ‘pay to win’ stigma that pervades the free-to-play market right now and encourage more people to play in the game and compete with current gamers”.

As a thank you to existing players, the Wyrmbyte team will be rewarding those players who have spent over $20 in the game prior to this change with the Veterans Dragon Pack, a bundle of 10 Random Tier II Dragons (with a value of $150 in the old microtransaction model).  Also anyone who has played regularly in the last few months will also be rewarded with an exclusive avatar (different avatars will be awarded for different play length) in recognition for their support.

Dragons and Titans is now available to download direct from digital distribution service Steam.

About Dragons & Titans:

In Dragons and Titans players take on the role of a Dragon Lord who has been called into battle to release their deity (a Titan) from captivity so they can rule for the next 100 years. Players can select from over 35 different dragons, each with unique abilities and progression levels, as well as a range of weapons which can be upgraded in the ‘Forge’ from elements scavenged during battle. Battles range from 10-15 minutes, giving gamers access to more matches during any given session with a variety of gaming options, including 5V5 PVP, Co-Op or Single Player Adventure Mode. Map types are familiar to the MOBA gamer, including traditional MOBA, Capture Points and ARAM (All Random All Middle) maps.

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Source: Press Release and Official Website