Fractured Space Announced for PC

Developer Edge Case Games has announced Fractured Space for PC.

Fractured Space is a multiplayer, team-based space combat game putting you at the helm of colossal capital ships. Each multiplayer match offers an intense team battle, rife with deadly exchanges between craft but underpinned by a grander strategy. Take advantage of your ship’s unique abilities and weapons to exploit your enemy’s weakness, take control of the map and work together to eviscerate your opponents. With the moment-to-moment intensity of a shooter, but driven by the bigger-picture thinking of a strategy game, Fractured Space is at the forefront of a new frontier for the genre.

Here is some concept art:


Game Features:


With 5v5 matches, your skill in combat alone cannot secure victory. Sway the tide of battle with your decisions over the battle as a whole, and bring the enemy to their knees with your tactics as a team. Unity is strength.


Pick a manufacturer, choose a class and customise your weapon load-outs. Use Galactic Coin – the spoils of war – to purchase new ships and start populating your fleet. Customise your craft for a specific role in combat, and be the envy of your team when your interstellar juggernaut warps into battle.


No team will go into battle with the same setup, giving you a unique set of choices and options in a given match. Know your ship, learn your environment and adapt your tactics accordingly.


Become part of a huge alliance of captains. The discussion on strategy is endless; share your war stories, learn from others and become a part of the Fractured Space universe. You can SIGN UP HERE, and when there’s space, the developer will bring you on board for the next playtest.

Take a look at the vision for the new game video below:

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Source: Official Website