Forza 5 Car Pass Expanded to Includes 90 Next-Gen Cars

Developer Turn 10 Studios has announced that the Forza 5 Car Pass has been expanded to include 90 next-gen cars.

Forza 5 Car Pass Expanded to Includes 90 Next-Gen Cars

Here is what Brian Ekberg, Community Manager for Turn 10 Studios had to say,

“We are extending the life of the “Forza Motorsport 5” Car Pass to include two more monthly car packs. If you are a Car Pass owner, that means you’ll be getting the next two monthly DLC car packs – the “June” pack, which is scheduled for release next Friday (more on that below), as well as our “July” car pack – at no additional charge. That’s 20 additional cars for you to collect, customize, and race, bringing the total to 90 DLC cars for “Forza 5” Car Pass owners!”

Then Ekberg added,

“We are moving up our release schedule by a few days, which means the next Forza 5 DLC car pack will be available on Friday, May 30.”

You can look for more details on the next monthly car pack for Forza 5 on Friday, May 30, and the full rundown on the July car pack in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the new next-gen cars?

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Source: Xbox Wire