Forsaken World Mobile New Babel Ascending Update Released

Forsaken World Mobile New Babel Ascending Update Released

San Francisco – Fedeen Games announced that it has launched Babel Ascending, the brand-new update to the hit MMORPG, Forsaken World Mobile. The Babel Ascending update is now available for iOS and Android. Current players will need to manually download the new version of Forsaken World from their online game store to get the Babel Ascending update.

In Babel Ascending, players will be treated to the massive Babel dungeon, a gargantuan tower with 100 floors teeming with monstrous foes as well as scores of loot. They’ll need all the gear they can find if they’re to take on the update’s two new World Bosses, sure to be a welcome challenge. These Bosses can take a lot of punishment, so players will need to team up with each other in order to take these baddies down.

Another highly requested addition to Forsaken World Mobile is the new marriage system. Players can cement their unions with each other to access exclusive missions and earn unique items, and perhaps even find genuine love along the way.

Here is the Forsaken World Mobile Babel Ascending Update video:

Babel Ascending is available now as a free download at the App Store and Google Play.

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