Former VP of Global Strategy at EA & DICE CEO, Karl Magnus Troedsson, Joins Raw Fury!

Former VP of Global Strategy at EA & DICE CEO, Karl Magnus Troedsson, Joins Raw Fury!
Image Credit: Björn Terring

Raw Fury Games announced that joining their team is Karl Magnus Troedsson, or “KM” for short, an industry veteran from EA, former Executive Producer on Battlefield, GM and CEO of DICE in Sweden, VP of Group Strategy for EA, and overall achiever of many fancy titles. But as of today he is all about Raw Fury.”

Here is what Raw Fury Games had to say about it,

“We’re going to flat out say this right now — KM is not joining to make us corporate. He is coming to Raw Fury to follow his passion for indie games, to help the developers while working with a small group of ambitious friends (yes, that’s us).”

KM comes in as a co-owner, partner, and an equal. Like everyone at Raw Fury he’ll dive in where it’s needed — from building booths to helping out with production. From interviews to reading through contracts. He will apply himself where it best suits the developers we partner with. As of yet he has no title. Raw Fury is on course and KM will further strengthen our ability to get to the places we want to go.

“I want to spend my time and energy helping small developers realize their dreams and to make sure innovative games successfully reach their potential,” Troedsson said in an email interview with GamesBeat. “I’ve been with DICE and EA for 15 years, and leaving was not an easy decision to make. It feels like I’m leaving my second family, and I’m fortunate to have worked with all the talented people at all the different studios and in EA. But I’m following my passion for smaller games, switching from big triple-A [the game industry term for blockbuster development] titles to nimble indie games. I started on very small games, then made the journey into the land of triple-A, and now want to find ways to utilize this experience to support developers who are embarking on, perhaps, similar journeys.”

We would like to congratulate Karl on his new venture with Raw Fury Games!