Forma.8 Announcement Trailer Released

Forma.8, the action, adventure game by Mixed Bag, has been confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.

You can find Forma.8’s game description below:

Floating gracefully in mid air, with a control system that aims to give the player a true sense of flying, our little hero forma.8 starts with no powers, no weapons and no hints of what to do and where to go: it’s up to the player to explore the planet, deal with its often hostile inhabitants, and slowly uncover the story.
 There’s no verbal communication in the game, everything is conveyed to the player only with images and sounds.

You can view the Forma.8 announcement trailer below:

Forma.8 is scheduled for release sometime this year and will also be making an appearance at the ‘Leftfield Collection’ at EGX Rezzed in Birmingham, March 28th-30th.

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Source: Nintendo Life