Football Star Releasing End of August for iOS and Android

Football Star Releasing End of August for iOS and Android

Football Star is a global football (aka soccer) MMO. In Football Star you start your career as an amateur player, gradually improving your player by training your skills. From day 1 you have the opportunity of joining a team and taking part in the Global Football Star Championship where players from all over the world are competing to reach the infamous A-League.


In April 2014, two brothers envisioned a game that would be playable by anyone anywhere, that would allow everyone to compete in a worldwide competition of one of the most played sports in the world, Football. Football Star is exactly that, and after more than a year of development, it’s ready to be embraced by football fans around the world.


  • Develop your player by training your skills
  • Unlock new coaches to help you improve your player
  • Join a team of other players and collaborate to take your team to the top of your league
  • Help your team rise up to higher leagues in the Football Star world, all players play in 1 Global Championship
  • Control your player on the pitch to complete challenges and gain extra dollars and gold
  • With the TrueBall™ physics engine watch the ball realistically come to life and react to your players movements and shots.
  • Gradually unlock new challenges and challenge tasks
  • Play in daily matches, every day teams are assigned to an opponent in their league. Match features:
    • Players from both teams try to beat each others’ times in randomly selected challenges
    • Chat in-game with your team mates to organize your offense
    • Intercept your opponents to prevent them from beating your team’s time
    • Send real time boosts to your team mates in matches to help them get a better time
  • Battle other players on the pitch in real-time one on one battles and increase your rank at the price of your opponent’s rank
  • Practice friendly battles with your team mates
  • Gain fans by performing well in matches to increase your salary, allowing you to further improve your player
  • Unlock 40+ achievements
  • Watch your team’s progress in your league every day during the season
  • A new season starts every 16 days

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the official video:

Football Star will be releasing at the end of August for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Press Release