Football Manager 2017 Available Now for PC, Mac, and Linux

Football Manager 2017 Available Now for PC, Mac, and Linux

SEGA has announced that the latest installment in the leading sports management franchise Football Manager 2017 is out now for PC Mac and Linux.

Football Manager 2017 Key Features:

  • Enhanced Match Experience – A significantly improved 3D match engine with 1,500+ new and improved motion-captured animations, plus improved AI decision making, improved stadia and realistic LED advertising hoardings
  • Inbox Revamped – Your news feed is now far more intuitive, contextual and relevant to your club. You’ll now receive more detailed information and advice from your staff, which can be actioned without leaving the inbox
  • Facegen Technology – Your manager avatar can now be personalised with your very own face, scanned into the game and rendered using FaceGen technology. Your AI manager will now greet you on the start screen to really make you feel part of the game
  • Transfer Dealings and Sagas – Pre-contract offer conversations can now take place with players or agents allowing you to map out your vision for the club. Be sure to sell your club convincingly though, otherwise you could wind up in a long-running transfer saga
  • The Pressures of Social Media – Fans and the media have their say with an all new social feed. This is where the big news breaks and where pressure builds… if you’re not living up to the fans expectations you’ll soon know about it
  • Optimal Quick Start –  This new addition gets you into digital dugout and amongst the action quicker than ever before. You’ll now pick your team before loading the game and receive optimal recommendations for leagues, database size and machine performance
  • Fantasy Draft Progression – The popular multiplayer mode now has a brand new single-player option where you’ll go head-to-head with AI managers, modelled on real people who are famous fans of the series. How many can you spot?
  • New Staff Roles – Assembling a strong backroom team is crucial to getting the most out of your players. This season witnesses the introduction of Data Analysts who will assist your scouts and Sports Scientists will support your medical team
  • Player Traits Development – We’ve added a further layer of depth to player character which can have a dramatic affect on their career progression. Players are now far more aware of their environment, so if they’re not happy about their game-time or training facilities, you’ll know about it!

Here are New Football Manager 2017 Screenshots:


Here is the official Football Manager 2017 trailer:

Football Manager 2017 is available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam.