Five New Titles for 3DS LL “Recommended Software” Confirmed By Nintendo

Five new titles have been confirmed for 3DS LL (XL) “Recommended Software” by Nintendo promotion in June.

Five New Titles for 3DS LL

Here is how it works — The 3DS LL (XL) “Recommended Software” promotion in Japan rewards players who pick up the model with a voucher for a free retail game. The promotion runs until September 30th with the available free games changing every month for the duration. Players who purchase a 3DS LL now are also able to hold off to a later month on the chance a game they want becomes available, while others may be tempted into buying the system in any given month if a particularly enticing title is added.

The five recommended titles for June are:

Would you like to see this type of promotion come to the West? Let us know what you think of it.

Source: Nintendo Life