Fist of Jesus Now on Steam

Developer Mutant Games and KISS ltd have released Fist of Jesus on Steam.

Fist of Jesus Now on Steam

Here is how the developer describes the game:

Fist of Jesus is a hilarious gore beat’em up classic style arcade game with RPG depth.

Life of Brian meets gore and humor, in the game based on the epic award-winner short-film Fist of Jesus.

Fist of Jesus tells the adventures of Jesus and Judas, where the world is now full of Zombies caused by Lazarus’ resurrection. Cowboys, the Roman Army, Mythological Creatures and Steampunk technology in the 80’s style, all packed with lots of fun.

Take a look at the official trailer below:

You can now download Fist of Jesus on Steam at 20% off for $7.99.

Source: Steam