First Official Killzone Movie ‘A Helghastly Adventure’ Announced, Johnny Depp Stars

Guerrilla Games announced the first official Killzone movie, ‘A Helghastly Adventure.’

First Official Killzone Movie 'A Helghastly Adventure' Announced

Here is what the director, Tim burtun says about the Killzone movie,

“…Johnny Dep and Helena Bonam Carter are starring in this thrilling story of betrayal, deception and tragedy. The movie focuses on the events depicted in Killzone Shadow Fall after the Helghast settle on planet Vekta.

The story follows the adventures of Ghoran (Dep) – an Insurgent who has to prevent Kellan from stopping the war, and Halla (Bonam-Carter) his rogue Vektan accomplice.

The animated movie is expected to release around mid-December, while a new trailer will be out April 1st.

Are you excited about the Killzone movie? Notice that the website spelled Johnny Depp’s name with only one ‘p’ in both instances so maybe this is a hoax? What do you think?

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