First Cycle Training in Virtual Reality Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Widerun is the first smart bike trainer you connect to virtual reality head mounted displays, available on Kickstarter now. Widerun is launching with support for both the Oculus RIFT and mobile VR display systems. Widerun has launched on March 18th, reaching 20% of the goal in the first 24 hours, making it to the Kickstarter Staff Pick. The Kickstarter goal is set to £30,000 and the Widerun trainer will be sold for £300 at the full price.

Widerun Gaming Cypher

Ride with Widerun to train indoors with the feeling of an outdoor ride and enjoy interactive riding experiences like none before. Widerun delivers a fully responsive, immersive biking experience in virtual 3D worlds with interactive, game-like experiences for training and fitness.

Setup of Widerun is like other cycle trainers – connect the Widerun trainer to the rear wheel of your own bike and set up the steering component. Use the app or partner apps to load experiences and start your ride. The mechanics take care you feel the rises on your legs, making it harder to spin and giving you the feeling of going uphill and downhill!

Widerun wants to engage fitness and VR developers with the opportunity to create a broad range of experiences. Cycling enthusiasts and VR developers will be able to back the Kickstarter and be among the first to experience cycling in VR! There are still a bunch of discounted Early Birds available.

Take a look at the Widerun RunFast Alpha Footage Trailer:

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Source: Official Website