Firefighting Simulator First Official Partner Rosenbauer Announced by astragon

Firefighting Simulator First Official Partner Rosenbauer Announced by astragon

Moenchengladbach/Germany, August 5, 2016astragon Entertainment GmbH and Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware are very happy to announce an official partnership with Rosenbauer, the world’s largest manufacturer of fire brigade equipment, today.

Their upcoming simulation highlight Firefighting Simulator is currently in development for PC using the Unreal Engine 4 and will let the player slip into the role of an US firefighter. In this capacity he will face many gripping challenges, save lives and prevent calamities.

In addition to a broad range of partially licensed equipment, virtual firemen can look especially forward to originally licensed Rosenbauer America fire engines such as the faithfully recreated TP3 Pumper®.

Here is the official Firefighting Simulator Rosenbauer TP3 Pumper Reveal Trailer:

Interview with Scott Oyen of Rosenbauer America:

What has led to the cooperation with astragon’s Firefighting Simulator game?

Scott: astragon is a world-class simulation software developer/design firm. Rosenbauer America receives many requests to cooperate on special projects, however Astragon have demonstrated they protect our brand identity and make life-like simulations.

What are the most important aspects of a firefighting simulation game in your opinion?

Scott: Being as close to real-life experience as possible. Astragon was very detailed about making sure all the buttons and switches did in the game exactly what they do in real-life.

Are you already looking forward to seeing players engage with officially licensed Rosenbauer fire engines such as the TP3 pumper in Firefighting Simulator?

Scott: Rosenbauer is ecstatic about the new simulation software featuring the TP3 pumper and we’ll likely be engaged playing the game ourselves.

What makes the Rosenbauer TP3 pumper so special?

Scott: The TP3 for Rosenbauer is the culmination of a fully Rosenbauer built fire apparatus, from the chassis, body, and even the fire pump is produced by Rosenbauer, which in the US fire market is unheard-of from a truck manufacturer.

Firefighting Simulator release for PC is planned for 2017.

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