Finnish Game Studios Unite in the Wake of International Success Stories

Finnish Game Studios Unite in the Wake of International Success Stories

Merger of three Finnish game companies to challenge the U.S. game industry

Namida Games, a small startup near the Arctic Circle in Finland, absorbs two experienced game studios to form a Finnish game industry giant Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. The new company will be led by Daniel Rantala, the 23-year-old CEO and co-founder of Namida Games.

The newly-formed company’s opening move is to launch three games that strive to renew the mobile gaming experience. “We have two intense mobile releases coming up this fall, and a third one right at the beginning of 2016. First title to be released is Battle Buzz, a shooter game that represents the spirit of old-school action games. The game sets the player in charge of a battalion of bees to defend nature against the forces of corruption. Next in line will be a card game, titled Poker Fortunes, that aims to bring players a unique gaming experience by offering new game features”, describes Daniel Rantala, the 23-year-old CEO and co-founder of Namida Games. He continues: “Our third release, Spiralways, is a story-driven mobile game based on Japanese mythology that will be released next spring.” Another Japan-inspired game success, Ōkami, has been a major influence for Spiralways.

The foundation for all the future game plans will be laid in the merger. Namida Games, a freshly-founded game startup from Oulu, Finland, merges with two core veterans of the Finnish game industry. Helsinki-based Playforia Ltd., who funded Namida early on, now offers their 10 years of developing and financial experience into Namida’s service. The second company to merge into this triforce is Poppaa Entertainment, a small development team with an arsenal of game titles. The combined collaborative employs over 40 people in three cities and bears the name Namida Diamond Factory. The company will be led by the 23-year old visionnaire leader, Daniel Rantala. “Rantala was appointed to the position thanks to his credible vision and strong potential to set the company as one of the key players of the mobile game industry”, states Ilpo Kuokkanen, the current CEO of Playforia and the founder of the Finnish teleoperator giant Saunalahti Group. “In a short time, the mobile gaming industry has grown into a remarkable global business. This demands a need to unite in the industry”, Kuokkanen continues.

The new company seeks strong growth in the international market and opens a seven-figure funding round at the end of this year. Namida’s core market lies in the Unites States, where tahey aspire to expand their operations in the future.

Source: Press Release