Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for iOS/Android New Website

Square Enix has opened up a new website for Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper for iOSAndroid New Website

The new mobile game remixes memorable battles from the popular RPG series. It’s currently in development by DeNA for iOS and Android, and has players clearing dungeons that represent individual games in the Final Fantasy series.

The game stars Deci, a worker in Dr. Mog’s history department and thanks to Dr. Mog’s magical abilities, Deci is able to dive into paintings to clear the 16-bit-style dungeons from games in the series, eventually unlocking characters from those games, such as Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud. After unlocking the familiar heroes, players can bring the companion of their choice into other dungeons, equipping new weapons and abilities along the way.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper releases this summer for free in Japan, and will support microtransactions.

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Source: Official Website