Final Fantasy 14 & 11, Dragon Quest 10 Cross-Overs Details and Screenshots

Developer Square Enix has announced cross-over events from December through March for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy 11 and Dragon Quest 10.

The first event will take place December 11 and will feature a Mage from Dragon Quest 10 appearing in Final Fantasy 11 who is looking for his lost Slime. Being a Monstrosity event, players get to control the Slime as well as get a Slime helmet and shield.

A Sprigga, one of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn’s monsters will show up in Final Fantasy 11. New gear will also be available at the end.

Final Fantasy 11′s feared black Mage Shantotto will invade Final Fantasy 14 and can be engaged in a FATE battle. Players who defeat her will get to keep her as a minion, or pet. In addition, there will be a FATE that sees Dragon Quest 10′s Golem’s beat up Eorzea. Defeating them will reward the player a little Golem minion.

In addition, Shantotto will appear in Dragon Quest 10 between February and March, who will make you a Chocobo hat when given shopping list of materials. When given the right materials, one of Final Fantasy 14′s Moogles will also appear in the game and will net the player a Cactaur Mask.

You can view the new Final Fantasy screenshots below:

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Demo is now out in Japan and you can view the latest screenshots here.

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