Fight the Dragon Wins Technical Excellence at AGDA

Developer 3 Sprockets’ game Fight the Dragon has won the Technical Excellence Award from the Australian Game Developer Awards.

Fight the Dragon Wins Technical Excellence at AGDA

Oct 30, 2014Fight the Dragon won the Technical Excellence award at Game Connect Asia Pacific’s Australian Game Developer Awards ceremony. This was on top of also being a finalist for Innovation at the show. Fight the Dragon is now an award winning action/RPG hybrid entirely made up of community created content, crafted via the built in Adventure Creation Kit, or ACK. Using the ACK tools, players have already made over 3,500 adventures! Come visit them at PAX Australia at the ANZ Indie Pavilion.
Fight the Dragon is a single player or co-op action/RPG hybrid in which the players do battle against a dragon with one million hitpoints. The chance to battle this epic foe is gained through completing adventures created by other players, along with traditional experience and loot. Each time the player fights the dragon they have a chance to win great prizes as well as do permanent damage to the dragon that carries over from fight to fight. In this way the heroes will eventually overcome the mighty beast.

Here are some screenshots:

The crown jewel of Fight the Dragon is the Adventure Construction Kit. With this players can create vast adventures quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. With the ACK Fight the Dragon players have already crafted over 2,500 adventures, complete with environments, props, puzzles, and even boss battles.
Fight the Dragon is currently in early access, and is nearly feature complete.  Explore the realms of your friends, or strange lands made by strangers. Play with up to four players online! Find out more on the official website or on Steam.

You can take a look at the Event Logic Blocks dev video below:

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