Fight the Dragon 40% Off Daily Deal on Steam

September 25th, 2014 – 3 Sprockets’ game Fight the Dragon is proud to be featured today as Steam’s Daily Deal at 40% off. Fight the Dragon is the premier action/RPG hybrid entirely comprised of community created adventures, over 2,500 of them so far, providing hundreds of hours of gameplay.  Players create these levels using the in-game Adventure Construction Kit, allowing complex levels to be built quickly and beautifully.

Fight the Dragon 40% Off Daily Deal on Steam

Fight the Dragon is a single player, couch co-op & online co-op action/RPG hybrid in which the players do battle against a dragon with one million hit points. The chance to battle this epic foe is gained through completing adventures created by other players, along with traditional experience and loot. Each time the player fights the dragon they have a chance to win great prizes as well as do permanent damage to the dragon that carries over from fight to fight. In this way the heroes will eventually overcome the mighty beast.

The crown jewel of Fight the Dragon is the Adventure Construction Kit. From within the game players construct entire adventures from a vast array of provided textures, props, enemies and traps. By utilizing the triggers system they can create complex cascade reactions and puzzles. Players can also create NPCs and NPC dialogue, allowing for story development within the levels themselves or even between levels if players choose to create campaigns that run in sequence. The game automatically scales the levels created to match the level of the players attempting to conquer it. Information on the ACK can be found here.

Take a look at the gameplay teaser trailer below:

Today, September 25th is the best chance to join in the fun of online co-op or single player adventuring.  Explore the realms of your friends, or strange lands made by strangers. Find out more on the official website and on Steam.

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