Fenix Rage New Bosses Trailer Revealed

Developer Green Lava Studios and Reverb Triple XP have released a new bosses trailer for Fenix Rage.

Fenix Rage New Bosses Trailer Revealed

Here is what the developer had to say about the game:

Every good action-platforming game will have fun boss fights. The slightly better ones bring smiles, frowns, and some not-safe-for-prime-time words and phrases.

And then you have that rarified air of knuckle-whitening, controller-throwing, mommy-crying, hardcore boss fights that will keep you coming back in a fit of pain and rage and obsession and desire for just one more try. Fenix Rage features nine devious boss encounters that will shake out the soft, weak, “hand-held” gamer, and temper players into steely-eyed, grim-faced, ice-running-through-their-veins hardcore gaming savants.

Check out the new Fenix Rage Boss trailer and then ask yourself this question: Will you have what it takes to triumph or will you be just another Rage Quitter?

Take a look at the new Fenix Rage trailer below:

Fenix Rage will be available on PC via Steam September 24.  Fenix Rage also will be coming out on next generation platforms early 2015.

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Source: Press Release and YouTube