Fearless Fantasy iOS Trailer, Update 2.6 Details

Developer Enter Skies and publisher tinyBuild Games have announced that Fearless Fantasy will be releasing on iOS (universal iPhone/iPad app) May 14.

Fearless Fantasy iOS Trailer, Update 2.6 Details

Here is the Update 2.6 log:


  • Complete overhaul of the trial system! This is now more skill based, more meaningful, and offers a lot more variety.
  • Custom trials for all enemies.
  • Ability trials become more complex with increasing levels.
  • Difficulty selection now only effects the complexity and difficulty of the trials.
  • Added a new trial element: The tap circle.
  • Added “dodge” effect when an attack is completely evaded (for both heroes and enemies).
  • Leon’s Crimson Rush is now called Cloud Breaker and changed to a powerful AOE attack.
  • Various passive abilities and status effects have been tweaked to interact better with the trial system.
  • Enemies now don’t attack without confirmation, so you can take a bite of your sandwich in-between a long series of enemy attacks.


  • Completely new background graphics and world map!
  • Increased resolution for all characters.
  • Added a simple soft shadow under characters.
  • Updated a few monster designs.


  • The achievement bugs have been fixed. Most missing achievements should be awarded as soon as the eligible save slot is loaded.
  • The game now saves in-between battles. When you load a game which was interrupted during battle, it will restart from the last wave.


  • Updated shop UI, with a much cleaner layout and better usability.
  • Trial elements have a much clearer look and feel.
  • Improved audio feedback.
  • Improved battle gauge, which now also shows which character is taking action and if they are blinded.
  • Colour coded hero selection markers for faster recognition.

In addition, the challenge mode has been removed and will be back in a later update.

Here is the announcement trailer:

Fearless Fantasy is already out on Steam.

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Source: tinyBuildGAMES