Fearless Fantasy 2.0 Update Features New Engine & Survival Mode

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher by developer Enter Skies and publisher tinyBuild, a new update for Fearless Fantasy 2.0 was announced.

Today’s update is a big one. It’s been in the works since the original release and is based on the enormous amounts of feedback we gathered at Casual Connect USA, Gamescom, PAX Prime, and EGX London. It sports a completely new engine, a new game mode, and numerous tweaks, making Fearless Fantasy a much better game!

The Changelog:

  • Added a completely new engine – steady 60fps
  • Redid all animations to fit said engine, reworked some of them
  • Reworked battle system (arrows), it’s now timing based. It’s more intuitive, more skill based, and also plays better with a mouse.
  • ADDED SURVIVAL MODE (and will be expanded on continuously).
  • Added 3 new monsters and a number of updated ones.
  • Went to Casual Connect’s Indie Prize, won the Best Art Award, made this sweet video:

A series of impressions of Fearless Fantasy filmed during Casual Connect USA 2014, where the game won “Best Art” in the Indie Prize awards. Come play Fearless Fantasy on tablets at PAX Prime!

  • Rebalanced the game 380 times
  • Went to Gamescom
  • Discovered that girls really like playing this game for some reason. Some would sitdown for hours to play it.
  • Rebalanced the game 80 more times
  • Went to PAX Prime, changed 50 more little things. Same after EGX London. Balance should be good now. Play Veteran, I dare you!
  • Lost the full changelog. In general the game has countless improvements on UI and usability, and looks much better.
  • Made game touchscreen-ready. All UI elements are now touch friendly and will adjust to touch-friendly behaviour when used with fingers. Try it on your touch-screen laptop!

You can now purchase Fearless Fantasy 2.0 for 50% off on Steam at $3.49 and soon for iOS and Android.

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Source: Press Release and Steam