Fat Chicken Review for PC

This is the review for the Windows PC version of the “remixed” tower defense game Fat Chicken by Mighty Rabbit Studios and Relevant Games (the makers of Saturday Morning RPG, Breach & Clear and Scrap Squad).

In Fat Chicken you play a factory farm manager working to plump up incoming waves of livestock on their way to your slaughter house, where they’ll be converted to tasty meat products, and earning you lots of Murderbux. Build factory farms across America as you use multiple tower types (and their upgrades) to keep your livestock healthy, happy and safe from pesky UFO’s as they march towards grocery store freezer cases. Hired Hands and Security Guards provide boosts to keep your operations running smoothly; speeding up breeding, fighting protesters, healing sick animals and more as you rake in the cash from your fatted fowl, plump pigs and behemoth bovines.

Fat Chicken Review for PC


The Fat Chicken graphics are top notch. We especially liked the powerful camera angle zoom ability that lets you see all of your coups or different areas at once and from various angles. The game is very colorful, the animals, different towers and people are very easily distinguishable and each stage is very pleasing to the eye. For this, we gave the graphics a 5/ 5.

Great soundtrack! You have a choice of 16 different soundtracks, ranging from ‘Little Big Chicken,’ ‘High Desert Hoedown,’ ‘Alien Abduction,’ and much more. The sound of Fat Chicken also corresponded with the speed that you select when moving your animals along. The faster the animals are going, the faster the soundtrack becomes. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.

Fat Chicken Review for PC


We were pleasantly surprised at how much fun AND challenging Fat Chicken actually is. The developers did a great job allowing the player to select from multiple Powers and Upgrades. Of course, you’ve got to earn your way in order to afford them and that might be a fun challenge as well. The game gets you thinking strategically as far as where to place your towers and human helpers as well as how much to feed or not to feed, use growth hormones, or not – you basically have to learn your way around the game in order to make sure that your livestock does not perish before they hit the factory.  We found ourselves playing each level several times in order to gain all three stars and even on Easy level setting, it was not that easy. You also get a cast of Heroes to select, each one costing a bit of change, but once you earn them – your life might get a little bit easier. In addition, the tutorial/hint snippets are highly useful so make sure to pay attention. Expect to spend extra time going through all of the stages, but be forewarned – the game is highly addictive! For these reasons, we gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.


Fat Chicken controls are very user-friendly. Simply  use your mouse to point, click and select all actions. No complaints there and for this reason, we gave the controls a 5/ 5.

Overall, Fat Chicken is very fun yet challenging. We’ve enjoyed it thoroughly and couldn’t find anything really to complain about.


5 / 5