Farming Simulator PS3 Trophies Revealed



Farming Simulator PS3 trophies have been revealed and you can check them out below:

Nouveau-Riche – Bronze
Earned one million

Well-Heeled – Bronze
Earned five million

Pots of Gold – Silver
Earned ten million

Out of Debt – Bronze
Got out of debt

Mobile Farmer – Bronze
Travelled one hundred miles

Very Frequent Driver – Silver
Travelled one thousand miles

Longplayer – Bronze
Played for ten hours

Fruits of Your Labor – Bronze
Threshed ten hectares

Harvest King – Silver
Threshed one hundred hectares

Sower – Bronze
Seeded ten hectares

Mass Production – Silver
Seeded one hundred hectares

Lucky Hand – Bronze
Found twenty-five horseshoes

Enough for 12.5 Horses – Bronze
Found fifty horseshoes

The Collector – Silver
Found one hundred horseshoes

Mission Master – Bronze
Completed fifty missions

Financial Folly – Bronze
Went bankrupt