Farm Heroes Super Saga Launches Worldwide on Mobile

Farm Heroes Super Saga Launches Worldwide on Mobile

NEW YORK and LONDON, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, has announced the launch of Farm Heroes Super Saga, the second installment in the popular Farm Heroes game franchise. The new sister title from King reintroduces players to the beautiful farm lands, where the quest to maintain peace continues as they switch and match their way through a range of exciting new features, game modes and social mechanics.

Now available to download for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Facebook, Farm Heroes Super Saga will offer players new dimensions of gameplay in order to beat Rancid the Raccoon and win the Country Show. Players can look forward to an exciting new feature, the ‘Super Cropsie,’ which is made when four ‘Cropsies’ are matched in a square. When in their ‘super’ state the ‘Cropsies‘ are worth more points and regardless of the matches made after this, the ‘Super Cropsies’ never lose their value, allowing players to reach their goal faster.

The new game will also launch with more animated ‘Cropsies‘ including a jolly but awkward tomato, an excitable banana, a cute and innocent plum, a sassy pear, as well as the return of the much-loved carrot and water drop. The game also has new characters including Fidget, the hyperactive (and at times forgetful) squirrel, and Darwin, the chatty and helpful goat.

Farm Heroes Super Saga Launches Worldwide on Mobile

Other new elements include a lenticular map, new characters and four challenging new game modes including:

  • Growth: in Growth Mode players are required to collect both regular and ‘Super Cropsies’. ‘Super Cropsies’will have a dedicated crate and the collection of these will be separate to the normal ‘Cropsies’
  • Wind: In this mode, when you make a match, the wind pushes the ‘Cropsies’ in the direction of your last swipe
  • Nut: The aim of the nut mode is to get the squirrel to his nut. Players can use the wind mode to move the squirrel around the board
  • Hay: Players must feed the goat his hay by matching ‘Cropsies’ in line with the goat to lure it around the board

Farm Heroes Super Saga also launches with a brand new social feature that will enable players to compete against their friends by earning more points and climbing the leaderboard. The ‘Country Show’ is a timed event where players must try to grow their own ‘Cropsies’. The more stars gamers earn while playing the game, the more ‘growth formula‘ they have to feed their ‘Cropsies‘. At the end of every event there will be a Country Show and the bigger the ‘Cropsie’, the more coins players win to spend on boosters.

“We’re excited to be launching Farm Heroes Super Saga, the second installment in the Farm Heroes game franchise,” said James Nicholas, Executive Producer of the Farm Heroes franchise at King. “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate within our games and give old and new players bite-sized moments of entertainment to enjoy when they have a few minutes’ spare.  With Farm Heroes Super Saga we’ve moved the story on from the original title and added new challenges and features, such as being able to play against friends in the new ‘Country Show’ event.’

Here is the Farm Heroes Super Saga Launch Trailer:

Farm Heroes lovers can grow, farm and swap their way through the 205 Croptastic levels that are now available. To learn more about Farm Heroes Super Saga visit