Far Cry 4 PC Patch 1.5.0 Details

Developer Ubisoft has released PC Patch 1.5.0 for Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 PC Patch 1.5.0 Details

Patch Notes:

  • Added 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version
  • Fixed an issue with aim assist
  • Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key
  • Fixed an issue with mouse input
  • Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons
  • Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version
  • Fixed various Controls issues
  • Fixed various Graphic issues
  • Fixed various IGE issues
  • Fixed various Session Browser issues
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • NVIDIA graphics preset was removed
  • Reduced performance drop impact during streaming

If you still continue to experience any of these issues when this patch goes live, just contact Ubisoft Support. You can order Far Cry 4 here.

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Source: Official Website