Fantasiam Releases New Gameplay Video

Fantasiam Releases New Gameplay Video

Developer Belmin Kozlić from Bosnia and Herzegovina with collaboration of UK studio White Noise Wave has released a new gameplay video for puzzle and exploration title, Fantasiam.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Fantasiam is a first-person game, focused on exploration and puzzle solving with elements of role playing. The game offers beautiful visuals, followed with Slavic’s history, mythology and culture.

You play as the demigod Vaclar, and are placed in a huge multi-region world in order to discover your background and to help Slavic people who are terrified with Gods having battles against each others. Fantasiam is multi-choice based, which means there will be numerous decisions throughout the story that will affect every other quest.

Fantasiam Releases New Gameplay Video

Fantasiam Features:

  • Colorful and massive multi-region world filled with content
  • Exploration with no leading hand
  • Story driven game with player choices on most of the quests
  • Elements of Role Playing Game (including inventory, journal and skill tree system)

Take a look at the new Fantasiam gameplay trailer:

The developer aims to release Fantasiam in Q4 2016 for PC on Steam.

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