Fable Legends New Hero Announcement

In a press release just sent to Gaming Cypher, developer Lionhead Studios announced a new hero, Evienne for Fable Legends.

Big sword, big gob
Keeper of the legendary sword Brobdingnagian (Brob, for short), Evienne is a spirited and feisty melee character. 

Her ancestors waited patiently in the lake for a hero to claim the sword, but Evienne has taken it upon herself to go out and become a hero herself.

In addition, the developer announced the Rumor Mill.

With so much news recently, we have created a new one-stop-shop for all things Fable Legends.

Head over to the Rumour Mill now to keep up to date with the latest from us and our community!

Fable Legends will be coming to Xbox One and PC with Windows 10 later this year.

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Source: Official Website