Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta Starts October 16

Developer Lionhead Studios announced that the Fable Legends multiplayer Beta will begin on October 16 for Xbox One.

Here is what they had to say about it:


Greetings Adventurer!

The Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta starts on October 16th.

Get ready for selection, complete your registration HERE.

Hero or Villain? Soon the choice will be yours!



If you need help with the registration process just head over to our forums.

The first test group will be selected on Oct 13th. If fortune favours you, you’ll receive an email then. Future waves of invites will go out regularly following that, all the way into 2015.

We hope you enjoy an epic new journey through Albion with us!

The Lionhead Studios Team


Let us know if you’ll be signing up for the Beta.

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Source: Official Website