Fable Day Celebrates All Things Fable

Fable Day Celebrates All Things Fable

For one day only Fable gamers from around the globe celebrated everything Fable by playing Fable 1, 2, 3 or Fable Legends. They called it Fable Day!

Albion, Online -­ April 13th, 2016 -­ In this day and age of developing games by AAA studios to
indie studios, gamers understand that making a game is hard, it takes a lot of time, can have
severe delays, and indie studios may never end up releasing their game. They don’t enjoy
delays or cancelations and many times there is an uproar on social media, but it dies down after
awhile. However, when Microsoft announced on the 7th of March that they were ending their
Fable Legends Beta game and closing down Lionhead Studios, tens of thousands of Fable
Legends Beta members went beyond the standard social media uproar.

Within a week of the news more than 100 Fable gamers had began talking about the idea of
doing something big to show how important Fable was. Four weeks later and with over two
dozen volunteers, they organized a global event called Fable Day for April 9th, 2016. Their effort
put together a website for fans, several videos, including one VR video, a collection of Fable fan
art work, fan fiction, a representation of fable cosplayers, and YouTube twitch streamers.

One such volunteer was Indiegarona, a gaming video content creator and livestream
personality, who spent her entire Fable Day streaming Fable games. She said “Fable is about
more than chicken chasing, hobbe hacking, and balverine bashing. It has touched and inspired
many of us, and we speak up today not only to honor the franchise, but to save it from a fate
worse than The Void.”

Fable Day ended up having a reach of close to 90,000 in over 40 countries, who were playing,
using social media, and talking about and celebrating Fable I, released in 2004, Fable II,
released in 2008, Fable III, released in 2010 and the private beta Fable Legends. Some of the
highlights of the day include:

On April 13th at 15:00 GMT, Fable Legends Beta will be completely shut down and shortly after
that Lionhead studios will close its doors. In the history of the game industry rarely has
thousands and thousands of fans organized an amazing event in such a short time to support
saving Fable Legends and creating a new game studio that will continue to make great Fable

Watch the Fable Day video:

About Indiegarona
Indie photographer, blogger, gaming video content creator and livestream personality. Nice to
meet you! As you may have guessed, I am also a devoted Chicken Chaser. Love all things
Albion! Written some of the top rated Fable fics on FFnet and I enjoy continuing to write them.
Come on by and say hello on Twitch or drop me a review sometime on FFnet! Would love to
make the acquaintance of a fellow Albion! Follow and watch on twitch.

About Natasha and Larissa
They are two sisters, Natasha & Larissa Payton who love to bring our favourite characters to life
through Cosplay. They make all our costumes from scratch which take months to make. The
Fable games are a huge reason why we became close as teenagers. There is five years
difference between us so we were very different people then but the fable games brought us
together with their humor, amazing storylines and open world gaming. You can’t go long without
one of us calling each other Dumpling or Chicken Chaser. So, it made complete sense to us to
cosplay a couple of heroes from Fable Legends. The female characters are fantastic. They all
have their own personalities and are strong, interesting and not stereotypes.