Extra Credits joins Indie Game Making Contest as Celeb Judge

Extra Credits joins Indie Game Making Contest as Celeb Judge

July 17, 2015– The Indie Game Making Contest, whose prize pool is connected with the Humble Game Making Bundle is ready to announce both new products in the bundle and the addition of critically acclaimed Extra Credits as celebrity judges for the event. So put on your developer hat and enter to win thousands of dollars across 21 or more prizes.

The success of the bundle, which has passed 1 million in gross sales, has unlocked new software including Play Canvas and Pro Motion 6.5. Not only does each bundle purchase help charity, but a percent of the developer cut goes to the contest as well, making the prizes higher every day. The grand prize at the midway point currently stands at over $20,000 USD, in addition to non-cash benefits such as promotional and production aid by Degica, whose sponsoring the event.

In addition to these great prizes and charities, Daniel Emmons joins the panel of guest judges. Daniel is part of the Extra Credits team, focused on the acclaimed Design Club, which hosts a twitch live stream event 4 times a week in addition to their work on the main Youtube Channel. Daniel joins Ed Greenwood, author of Forgotten Realms, ex-fragdoll Kimberly “Sabre” Weigend, and last year’s winner, Team Isolation, creators of Remnants of Isolation, which is available on Steam.

So get involved! Head over to www.HumbleBundle.com to get all the goodies you need, and enter the IGMC for your chance to win big prizes and free promotion of your games.

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