EXILE’S END First New Update Now Live on Steam

EXILE'S END First New Update Now Live on Steam

Marvelous, Inc. is proud to announce the first update for Exile’s End, the Metroidvania action-adventure game developed by Tokyo-based Australian indie, Magnetic Realms. After crash landing on a remote planet, mercenary drifter Jameson must use his wits to survive and unravel the fate of an abandoned mining colony.

Exile’s End, which is inspired by classic games like Flashback and Another World, has built a loyal following since release last month thanks to retro storytelling, tight controls, and challenging gameplay.

The new update aims to expand the Exile’s End experience even further with three new modes: Survival, Speedrun, and Hard. Survival mode challenges the players to survive wave upon wave of enemy attacks in order to climb to the top of the Steam leaderboards. Speed Run adds a timer and removes cutscenes for gaming speedsters strive for their best time. And Hard mode steps up the difficulty a notch by pitting the player against smarter, tougher, and harder hitting mobs.

For icing on this Three Mode Cake, players who try out the new modes will have a chance for $3000 worth of prizes in a contest to be announced in November. More details shortly!

Exile’s End features collaborations with several luminaries in Japanese gaming, including a soundtrack scored by Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl), art by veterans of Secret of Mana and Mother 3, and beautiful cutscenes by OPUS (Half-Minute Hero).

Take a look at the new screenshots:

Exile’s End is now available for PC on Steam.

Source: Press Release