Exclusive Interview with Game Dev Daniel McGuffey of MasterChef

Gaming Cypher has done an exclusive interview with MasterChef’s Daniel McGuffey, who quit his position as game developer to join the show and pursue his dreams.

Exclusive Interview with Daniel McGuffey of MasterChef 3(CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © Copyright 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.)

1. On MasterChef, you mentioned that you quit your gaming development job to pursue your passion of cooking. Has it always been your dream to open up some type of a gamer pub/restaurant?
What I feel in my bones is a desire to craft experiences. Down the road I see myself creating something that brings food and games together. Specifically, Japanese arcade games. More specifically, within an environment that makes the guest feel like they just walked into a bar in Akihabara. And it is going off in there. There’s something really unique about Japanese arcades and the euphoria they deliver through lights and sounds. I want to put a cold beer and a warm plate in your hands and show you what I mean.

2.  Have you ever considered having your own TV cooking show? If so, would you incorporate a gaming theme to it?

I’d really like to explore America and its food with game developers and musicians that live and work in its most interesting places. Document the experience. Learn about San Francisco by having lunch with Tim Schafer. Talk to locals. Find out where the good rock and roll bars are. Food. Bars. More Food. MOAR BARS. Catch some stand-up. Hang out with a QA crew that’s working graveyard and swap stories. Breakfast. Relocate. Repeat.
I’d love to start here in Los Angeles. What an endlessly perplexing city to discover.

3. How was the pressure of being on MasterChef similar or different than your gaming development environment?
It can take time to identify and address issues in development. But in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen, it became evident immediately that I wasn’t inventing new ways to use a knife or cut a shallot. There are a lot of time-honored techniques and black or white areas in the kitchen. One such example is that Chef is in charge. Always. YES, CHEF! That was something that was so great to experience. I have always found it rewarding to work for somebody that knows what’s up and has a clear vision.
Both games and kitchens require long hours, and tough people who are willing to learn, to make mistakes and just keep going. Since leaving the show I have been working in a professional kitchen. Like working in games, it’s challenging but can also be very rewarding. This whole experience has really tempered my attitude and outlook on my career. I still have a lot to give to games. Until I find out where to give it, the kitchen will be my dojo.
Exclusive Interview with Daniel McGuffey of MasterChef 2
(CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © Copyright 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.)
4. What is your favorite video game of all time?

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION! Let’s see… on paper, with over 500 hours logged, Team Fortress 2 is my favorite. Some of my all-time favorites, games I’ll be playing in ten years, are Garou, Akai Katana, and Pac-Man. I love challenging games. Games that are never truly mastered, but instead get deeper and more rewarding over time. It’s a great feeling to see progress over a long timeline.
Arcade sticks are a huge part of the experience to me, too. A finely-tuned stick can be like driving your first car, or playing a great guitar. Symbiotic, dude. This is why I gotta’ build that arcade someday!

5. If you could be or act any video game character, which one would you pick?
Ryu Hyabusa. Specifically from Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden II. He is SO cool. He is SO FAST. He slices EVERYTHING! He knows Kasumi from Dead or Alive! I would roll around Tokyo in in a Pontiac GTO with Kasumi. I would hire Guitar Wolf to follow us around playing the soundtrack.
You can follow Daniel on Twitter.
Thank you Daniel, for taking the time to interview with us and we wish you all the success!

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