Excalibur Releases New Video for 2D Platformer Perfect Universe

Perfect Universe Gaming Cypher

Excalibur is set to launch Perfect Universe – a black and white line drawn 2D platform game, in February, 2016 from indie developer Will Sykes.

Perfect Universe features a challenging collection of nine games with crazy physics and tested with gravitational pull of varying strength depending on the size of the matter.  There are both single player games and a whole section of multi-player games it is both frustrating and addictive to play.  Single player games include some classic platforming in Perfect Moon, attempting to control the feet of a character in Moon Life – much harder than it sounds – and a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre.

Single player Games:

  • Perfect Moon- classic platforming
  • Moon Life- a game where you directly control the feet of a character
  • Starlight- a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre

Local multiplayer games (1-4 players):

  • Moon golf- a side on game of interplanetary golf
  • Gravity dodge- a frantic platform death match in gravity warping arenas
  • Rocket ball- ice hockey played with rocket ships
  • Balloon pop- try to pop more balloons than your friends
  • Moon volley- volley ball played around a small planet
  • Rocket race- race round a track in a rocket ship

Perfect Universe Key Features:

  • 9 games
  • Mind bending gravity
  • Local multiplayer
  • Unique art style

 Here is the new Perfect Universe Perfect Moon game mode trailer:

To celebrate the arrival of Perfect Universe, Excalibur is offering five lucky winners the chance to win an Airkix indoor skydiving experience for the winner and a friend.

Entry to this competition is easy for anyone. Simply fill in your name and email address on a simple form on Excalibur’s website.

Perfect Universe is set to launch February, 2016 for PS4 and PC on Steam.

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