Evolve Collector Item Statue Revealed for $750

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have revealed a $750 collector’s item statue for the multiplayer shooter, Evolve,

There will actually be two collector’s item statues. The Evolve Goliath Premiere Scale, which has an LED that glows on the back of it. It weighs 35 pounds (16Kg) and is 29 inches (73Cm) tall, costs $750, and only 500 units.

Another special edition version of the statue will also be produced. The Savage Goliath, is exclusive to New York Comic-Con, taking place next week. It will cost $800, with only 150 units.

Both statues have been designed by TriForce, but neither of them come with a copy of the game.

Evolve will release October 21 for Xbox One. What did you think of the statue?

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Source: Xbox Achievements