This is Gaming Cypher’s review (done by JessTheArchMage) of EVERSPACE by developer ROCKFISH Games.


Flying through space shooting reptilian aliens is definitely my cup of tea. As soon as I launched EVERSPACE and heard that eerie music, BAM! I was hooked. The eerie music was very nice touch to a space game – I definitely felt small in the vast maps they put me into. Controls were really easy to pick up. The gameplay was nothing short of perfect. Very smooth animations, and the enemies really felt like they were free roaming A.I.’s. Some space games get lazy and the end result will seem like the enemies are running on a track. This was not the case at all! I got whooped on all kinds in this game. The unpredictability of the A.I. and where the attack was coming from is a big challenge.


Now when I first started EVERSPACE, I was happy with the optional camera view. The developer offers a first person and a third person view. I’d usually go first person, but I really wanted to see the texture quality of the ships. The shadow and reflection quality was awesome. Something every PC gamer loves is a great high end graphic game that can run on a toaster. That was we all get to enjoy it and share our experiences.


The mapping for the jump drive was simple and easy to get around to the different sectors of space. I really enjoyed seeing the detailed planets and what other solar systems would look like. Honestly, ROCKFISH Games really nailed it on this one. A great quality game for the $29.99, definitely a must have on your Steam library. RockFish really did put allot of effort into the game development, and it shows.

I give EVERSPACE a solid 9 out of 10.

Watch the EVERSPACE gameplay video:


  • Fight! Dash into exciting dogfights and experience furious space combat using a wide range of weaponry and devices.
  • Craft! Use collected or mined resources to craft equipment and modifications for a much needed advantage or repair your ship’s systems. Your choice.
  • Loot! Collect blueprints for crafting and go on the hunt for exotic weaponry and equipment. You never know what drops next.
  • Explore! Travel through huge procedurally generated levels with lots of hidden treasure and danger. A game of risk and reward awaits.
  • Die! Giving in to the seductive embrace of death does not mean the end. Spend collected credits to unlock new perks and keep your blueprints to boost your chances for the next run.

Early Access Features

  • Single player roguelike space shooter with persistent progression
  • Vibrant art style with top-notch visuals featuring ultra-hires textures
  • Rock solid 6DOF controls optimized for fast-paced space combat
  • In-depth crafting and damage system

Upcoming Features

  • Two additional player ships with different capabilities and starting gear
  • Dynamic cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Captivating non-linear story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters
  • Hardcore Mode with permadeath for die-hard roguelike fans
  • VR support for oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Braz.), Russian, Spanish and Turkish

EVERSPACE is available for PC on Steam Early Access.