Eve Online to Get 19th Expansion ‘Odyssey’

CCP Games announced Eve Online’s 19th expansion pack ‘Odyssey’ at the PAX East yesterday.

Eve Online is a 10-year-old massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Jon Lander, the Executive Producer of the game said: “Over the years, it’s either become harder to get into it, or people have discovered it all and it’s no longer exciting —there’s no longer a sense of the unknown.”

Lander added: “One of the unique and interesting challenges of having a 10-year-old game is, we’ve seen in the past when we just removed something that a lot of our players are very used to and replace it with something else, that’s a very dangerous way to go. You’ve got to be very, very sure of yourself. We had a good examples last year where we got that balance wrong. So, listening to the feedback from our players — listening to what they’re telling us — we’ve started reintroducing these concepts now, and introducing these new graphical elements using this new rendering path in addition to what we already have.”

The expansion will come out on June 4th and will include a revamped scanning mechanic, user interface tweaks and hidden locations among the ever-expanding game’s 7,929 solar systems.

Are you excited about the ‘Odyssey’ expansion?