Ethan: Meteor Hunter – Pre-Orders Live, Trailer

Developer Seaven Studio has confirmed an October launch for its platform puzzler, Ethan: Meteor Hunter.

Currently on Steam Greenlight, the developer has launched a number of pre-order incentives, which you can view below:

  • Classic Edition $9.90 = game DRM free (Windows version) of Ethan + Mac/Linux versions when released in 2014 + Steam Key if we get greenlit (upvote here )
  • Deluxe Edition $14.90 = Classic Edition + soundtrack + games guide + artbook
  • Early Adopter $19.90 = Deluxe Edition available 5 days before release date!
  • Supporter Edition $29.90 = Early Adopter + a huge special thanks for support in the credits of the game on the PC version!

The PS3 edition will cost around $9.90 at launch.

You can view the game’s new Time Attack Special video below:

You can take a look at the game’s official website here.

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