Epocylipse: The AfterFall Announced by Razor Edge Games

Epocylipse: The AfterFall Announced by Razor Edge Games

Developer Razor Edge Games has announced their new game, Epocylipse: The AfterFall.

Epocylipse: The AfterFall is a non-linear open world game featuring many ways to play. It features optional rules that allow players to up the intensity and make the game more realistic. Play Epocylipse: The AfterFall on your PC or print out your character sheet and play the tabletop RPG version of the game. It is being created by a self-funded multicultural team of gamers with no investors to control development.

Epocylipse: The AfterFall Announced by Razor Edge Games

Epocylipse: The AfterFall Play Style

The original game is a mix of traditional table top RPG aided by cards. The PC game carries over many of the elements of a traditional table top RPG game, but it has a fully envisioned 3D environment, where you can see your characters carry out your commands, see exactly what they are wearing, carrying and doing. The environment features a day cycle of dawn, dusk, daylight and night. Every choice you make for your character is final; life in the AfterFall is very unforgiving.

Gameplay consists of a mixture of strategy, wit, common sense and a willingness to push your character into the unknown. There are no perfect character builds or ways to play. Play however you want: questing, adventuring, building reputation, exploring, influencing the faction wars…The different play styles and ways to build your character are too numerous to count.

Epocylipse: The AfterFall Announced by Razor Edge Games

Epocylipse: The AfterFall Features

  • 9+ years in the making, 2 years of extensive table top testing by dozens of players, prior to porting over to PC
  • An open world, non-linear role-playing game with many ways to play, and many possible outcomes for your character
  • Play as an unarmed martial artist or arm yourself to the teeth with an array of weaponry from common knives to plasma pistols
  • Many complexity levels of gameplay from very basic to intense, with optional rules that bump up the intensity to make the game hardcore and very realistic
  • Game focuses on character development and skill building rather than leveling. Feel free to drop in or out of the game without fear of being left behind
  • Over 29,000 places to visit; 3328 included in the core game, all procedurally generated
  • Influence and shape the world by working with or against any of the games 7 factions
  • Fully customizable characters. How you skill up your character and play will influence how they physically look
  • Character aging. See your character physically age
  • Item crafting, salvaging and repair mechanics
  • Build your party and gain companions by building your reputation
  • Rediscover the Old World and its lost technologies and explore the new and unknown
  • Influence the world around you as your decisions in the game are final and so is death
  • Single Player or Multiplayer up to 4 active players in the game at the same time with optional PVP
  • Turned based strategy survival RPG
  • Built-in Rules and Graphical Editor. Don’t like the textures? Don’t like the rules? Change them!
  • Play on your PC, print out your character sheet and play the table top RPG version of the game
  • Many already table top tested DLC add-ons planned for the PC game to expand the regions you can adventure in, the creatures you encounter and the things you can find and much more
  • A self-funded multi-cultural team of gamers from 20+ countries working on a game for gamers. No investors to control development.
Epocylipse: The AfterFall Announced by Razor Edge Games
Mike Weiser

Lead Game Designer & CEO of Razor Edge Games, Mike Weiser, stated:

“Early in 2006 I decided to start to write a game that I could play solo or with friends, but also have an unending campaign that would allow me to play on even if they couldn’t join me for specific play sessions.

I wanted to design an RPG I always wanted to play, one that allowed me to experience the same feeling I had while playing table top but without the need for a game master. During this time I really didn’t think much about publishing this game, I was making it for me, something I would enjoy.”


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Epocylipse: The AfterFall is slated for a 2016 release.