Epistory Typing Chronicles Launches on Steam

Epistory Typing Chronicles Launches on Steam

Epistory, by developer Fishing Cactusis an atmospheric adventure with a distinct origami aesthetic, and is now available through Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Players guide a girl riding atop a three-tailed red fox on an epic journey to discover the source of an invasive darkness taking hold in a once pristine land.  As Epistory‘s narrative progresses, its papercraft world literally unfolds before the player, revealing lush forests, ominous dungeons, scorched plains, frozen temples and lost cities.

Epistory‘s tale is advanced entirely through an intuitive keyboard-only control scheme. Players unleash powerful magic, solve brain-teasing puzzles, attack menacing foes, explore dangerous environments and even navigate menus solely via typing.

Epistory Typing Chronicles Launches on Steam
Magical abilities derived from four elemental types are discovered during the adventure, and they enable the heroine and her companion to navigate these treacherous landscapes. Freezing an enemy with ice magic will lock them in place and allow players to deal with other threats, while fire magic will burn through enemies and obstacles.

Epistory has two game modes. The core of the game, Story Mode, allows players to piece together the narrative shared by the heroine and her companion in the mysterious world. Those searching for a competitive challenge can battle for the top spot on the leaderboards in Arena Mode, an endless fight against an onslaught of enemies.

Watch the Epistory – Typing Chronicles official release trailer:

Epistory Typing Chronicles is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.

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