Epistory Typing Chronicles Arrives on PC March 30

Epistory Logo Gaming Cypher

Mons, Belgium – Feb. 24, 2016 – Developer Fishing Cactus has announced that Epistory will release onto Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on March 30.

Inspired by origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, Epistory‘s narrative-driven gameplay begins in a blank paper-white world.  Players assumes the role of a narrator, telling the story of a young girl riding a majestic fox. As the heroine explores the world around her, more of the map opens up, literally unfolding into a magical land tinged with darkness.

The aesthetic approach to presentation earned Epistory an IGF honorable mention for Excellence in Visual Art as well as the Innovation Award at the Belgian Game Awards.

Every action the player takes, from controlling the heroine to navigating menus, is completed through intuitive keyboard controls. Foes are vanquished and puzzles are solved by typing a word, or string of words, associated with them. As the game progresses new mechanics are introduced such as entering words in a specific order or at certain speeds.

Spells provide the heroine with the ability to access areas of the world which would otherwise be inaccessible and can be used in combat, giving an edge in particularly difficult fights. Fire spells burns away the next word needed to type for a foe. Ice spells freeze enemies in their place.

Epistory has two game modes. The core of the game, Story Mode, allows players to explore the expanding world with the heroine and her fox. Arena mode provides competitive players a way to compete for the top score on the leaderboards by testing their talents against an endless onslaught of enemies.

Epistory‘s beautiful origami inspired aesthetic and innovative approach to controls makes it stand out,” says Bruno Urbain, CEO, Fishing Cactus. “but the moving metastory and dramatic conclusion will make Epistory one of 2016’s hits.”

Here is the Epistory release teaser trailer:

Epistory is currently available in early access on Steam for $12.99 USD.  The first half of the game is playable with the second half coming at launch on March 30, 2016.

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