EpicWin Now Available on Android

EpicWin Now Available on Android

‘After global success on iOS, the much anticipated and award-nominated to-do list gamification app, EpicWin, is finally available on Android’

London, UK – Available on Google Play Store, EpicWin is a Gamification App that puts the adventure back into users’ life. Developed by Supermono Studios in collaboration with Mango App limited, it is a streamlined to-do list to quickly note down all the everyday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. So rather than just ticking off the chores and reminders, completing each one earns users’ XP to improve and develop their character in an ongoing quest to improve stats, gain riches, and level-up.


  •  To-do list with a Role-Playing Game spin
  • Streamlined and fast to use
  • Range of avatars to level-up with
  • Destroy chores in animated battles
  •  Points and rewards for completing the tasks on user’s to-do list
  • Loot to discover and share

EpicWin iOS version pioneered the concept of gamification – By getting points for users’ chores it motivates them to actually get things done. Users all have good intentions but they need a bit of encouragement here and there. “Doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina so why not get stamina points for it?!”  EpicWin is currently being trialed at a top US public University to see if it helps learning in kids.

The to-do list is fully-featured and supports repeating tasks, displays reminders for overdue events and allows time-critical events to be assigned to specific days, while more aspirational quests can be set to “someday” so users don’t lose sight of their goals. And each task completed is destroyed by user’s avatar – be that the Undead Warrior beating-up user’s laundry, or Treeman headbutting user’s overspilling inbox.  The to-do list app is supplied with 5 animated avatars which grow in characteristics that represent users’ style as much as their progress.

Here are the new screenshots:


Here is the Epicwin pre-release trailer:

You can download EpicWin for Android on Google Play right now.

Source: Press Release