Eon Altar Hitting Steam Early Access in time for Pax Prime 2015

Eon	Altar Hitting Steam Early Access in time for Pax Prime 2015


Vancouver independent game studio, Flying Helmet Games, is inviting you to play the mobile-enhanced co-op PC RPG game, Eon Altar with them at PAX Prime 2015 by using your own smartphone and you’ll score an exclusive Early Access Eon Altar Pin.

Eon Altar leverages modern technology to bring back the truly social and interpersonal experience of couch co-op gaming. Play together with friends in this episodic RPG for one to four players where your smartphone is your controller. Connect your smartphone to a gaming platform and explore a finely-crafted fantasy world with intense, turn-based combat and unique RPG storytelling.

Eon Altar is launching with Steam Early Access for Episode 1 – The Battle for Tarnum. “In Eon Altar your smartphone is your controller,” said Edward Douglas, project director of Eon Altar at Flying Helmet Games. “You control your character, select your attacks, upgrade your powers, manage your gear, and keep secrets or share your story with others. It’s a whole new way to interact with a traditional PC-style RPG, and we want to get as much feedback from players on how it plays and feels before we go into wide release.”

Eon	Altar Hitting Steam Early Access in time for Pax Prime 2015

Episode 1 contains over four hours of content, and Flying Helmet Games is hard at work finishing episodes 2 and 3, as well as beginning work on console releases, slated for 2016. “Eon Altar is a huge undertaking for a independent studio of our size,” said Douglas. “A PC release makes sense for our first foray into the market, but we truly believe console is the place that couch co-op gaming with your smartphone will truly flourish.”


  • Play local co-op with 2-4 players or in single player mode
  • Connect your mobile devices to a central platform to coordinate tactics and movement
  • Deep, innovative role-playing system with exciting turn-based combat
  • Play an epic episodic campaign and make impactful choices in an intricate, ancient, and original fantasy setting
  • Interact with enemies, allies, and your friends through rich voice-acted dialogues and by acting out your character’s lines

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the Eon Altar trailer:

You can play a preview of Episode 1 – The Battle for Tarnum as well as a Combat Challenge Arena at PAX
Prime 2015 in Seattle, August 28th to 31st. They will be at booth #7006 on the sixth floor of the
Washington State Convention Center.

Eon AltarEpisode 1 will release late August on Steam Early Access, with the free Eon Altar Controller app available on iOS and Android. It supports 1-4 players in local co-op, and is always played best with friends.

Source: Press Release