Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset Review

Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset Review

We were lucky enough to get the chance to review the new Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset from Accessory Power. This sleek black and blue audio headset came in the mail and we unboxed it quickly, eager to see just what it had to offer. Here is Gaming Cypher’s review of the Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset:


In terms of specs, the Enhance GX-H3 headset is pretty good. It comes with 100mW of speaker power and a sensitivity of 105 +- 3 dB. The frequency response ranges from as low as 20Hz to as much as 20kHz. Both audio and mic cables are a standard 3.5 mm, giving them versatility and meaning they can fit in just about any device. The microphone comes in at 5.5 inches and is an omnidirectional one, giving it adaptability when needing to record. The headband on the headset can be adjusted from as low as 11.5 inches to as high as 15.5 inches. The overall product is 8 by 7 by 4 inches, and the cable is a very long 104 inches, giving much space to move about. However, one of the most impressive physical features of the headset is that it only weighs 10 ounces. Barely over half a pound, this is fairly light compared to its competitors with similar features. The other impressive feature is that the price point is $34.99. This may seem like a bargain, and that’s because it is; below is a description of how the headset feels, and why a price of $34.99 makes this such a deal.


When you put on the Enhance GX-H3 headset, you are easily able to stretch it out and place it on your head. With four inches of range, it will fit comfortably no matter how big your head is. Soft cushions surround the audio speakers of this device, giving a snug feel when placed on the ears. The microphone is fairly long and doesn’t get in the way of the mouth. What is very convenient is that at your chest level there is a toggle in which you can both mute/unmute your microphone and adjust the audio volume. This saves time of having to open volume mixers of whichever devices you are using the headphones with, because now the user can simply spin the wheel higher or lower and go from silence to very loud sound. The microphone itself is also adjustable, being able to be rotated both inward or outward.


When testing headsets, I like to try listening to songs with both heavy bass and fairly lighter tones. I’m by no means an audiophile, but I’m able to recognize clear and high quality sounds. Opening up any low bass song and blasting the volume up, it feels like I’m inside a car with the windows vibrating. The Enhance GX-H3 is able to pick up low tones very well, making you feel like you are in the middle of a concert. The headset plays back much higher pitches at a very high quality as well. When listening to classical or jazz music, all the instruments can be heard very clearly, and the highest notes played are listened to with the original beauty they were intended to be heard with. Overall, the sound is very good for a very low price of $34.99.

Here is the official Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset Video:


The Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset is an amazing product for the price. Once again, it is only $34.99. To compare, this is only 5 dollars more expensive than a set of standard Apple EarPods with remote and microphone. The level of bass that you are able to hear with this device, the comfort of the cushions, the very long cable, the adjustable audio and microphone levels, and the price is what makes this headset a steal. Overall we are giving the Enhance GX-H3 Headset a 9/10.